DWTS – Week 6

Now we are starting to get down to the good dancers. The ones where you hate to see anyone leave. They are good, they are determined, and they don’t want to leave. Unfortunately someone has to leave every week or else no one would win the Mirror Ball Trophy.

You guessed it, I have my chart. My mom pokes fun at me b/c I keep a chart. I’m not really even sure why I do. One season I kept it all on a Legal pad. Once the season was over I did away with it. Oddly enough, she made fun of me, but when she wanted to know who did what the previous week, she either asked me to look or I just handed her the legal pad. Either way she had it right at her finger tips.

This week they did 2 dances a piece. One was the Argentine Tango or the Samba and then they had a Swing Dance Marathon. I really thought this was the week that the stars got to pick the outfits, but if so they didn’t show the process during the show like normal. They did show that Anna dropped Evan on his head doing a backflip of a type. He was afraid he had a concussion but the doctor checked him out and said he was good to go. Erin stepped up her ball game and all were impressed but Len. He got onto Max for taking off his shirt. I like Erin, I think she progresses every week! Nicole was on top again this week followed by Erin in second place. Chad brought his A game as well and took the 3rd place followed by Pam. Unfortunately this was the week that the bachelor had to go home. I wasn’t ready to see him leave but I have a feeling people didn’t vote as hard for him because quite a few times he’s had a stumble here and there. The best part, he just kept going. This week he got tangled up on the stairs right infront of the judges. The bottom 2 were Jake and Niecy. Anyway looks like it’ll start getting really competitive now fighting for that top spot. I can’t wait until Monday night!

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Mi Casa es Su Casa – Part 2

Ok so I told you I’d give you a tour of the inside. Now remember, not our stuff! This is still the current owners “Stuff”.

But welcome to our living room. This is standing at the front door looking toward that direction (haha get it =P)

standing at the front door looking straight ahead as you walk in.

This is looking in to the laundry room.


Mi Casa es Su Casa – Part 1

Welcome to our home. We finally found a place to live and aren’t going to have to live in a tent in my parents back yard. This is exciting. Part 1 photos will show the outside of our house and around it. We are living in a Berm house. A berm house is also known as an Earth House. 3 of the 4 sides are covered with ground so in essence it is kind of like an in ground house…. Right now it is a house but once we move in there, it will be our home!

Hehe yeah I had my car parked in the car port….

It has a detached garage. The original garage was turned into an office.


Wedding Party – April

I’ve decided to start introducing our wedding party. Next up is April.

She has been one of my longest friends that I’m still in contact with. Our town has 6 grade schools and I transfered from the one my sweetheart and I attended together in K-1 and went to the grade school April was in for 2nd grade. If I remember right, we had different 2nd grade teachers but still somehow wound up as friends. Isn’t it great and funny how those things work out…


Oops I did it again….

I have this habit going on every 2 years I go some outrageous distance to meet someone famous. My first trip was with my mom in June of 2006 to Des Moines, IA to meet Janet Evanovich. That summer she released the 12th book in the Stephanie Plum series called: Twelve Sharp. She had a talk and Q&A session to go along with her book signing. We got wrist bands when we entered and that was our number series to meet her. Luckily the ladies next to me had way higher numbers than mom and I did and they didn’t want to meet her so they gave me their wrist band. I wasn’t there until after midnight because of those nice ladies!!!

The next trip was to Chicago, IL, again with my mom although it was supposed to be with my Aunt. For Christmas that 2007 my big present from my aunt & uncle was a trip to Chicago to go to a cooking session with Rick Bayless, owner and chef of 2 restaurants: Frontera Grill & Topolobampo. I had a trip for 2. I had asked my aunt to go with me but my grandpa was still alive at that time and had gotten sick and she couldn’t leave him so my mom went with me.

Today, I did it again. Only this time I headed to Stillwater, OK, to meet the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond and get my cookbook signed.


DWTS – Week 5

This week almost brought a perfect score. Nicole & Derek were one point shy of a perfect 30. On the very first show I joked and said had Nicole been with Mark they’d have my vote every time. haha but Nicole & Derek are doing excellent. So are Evan & Anna. I also like Erin & Maks and Jake & Chelsie. Boy next week it’s going to be a very hard decision and sad to see someone leave. They are all doing so well. Finally though Kate went home. She was just a drama queen and it got very old very fast! After the 2nd week of her I was ready for her to leave. She always argues and doesn’t want to cooperate, etc. That’s it for me! My opinion, she never was dancing, she was walking through all the steps but time to move on :). There are so many “EXCELLENT” dancers on this show this season it’s hard to see any of them go! I actually didn’t get to watch the results show until last night. I was mowing lawn on Tuesday night. Now we get to wait until Monday night and see what’s in store for us. Although I think this next episode is where the Stars get to pick the outfits for themselves and the professionals. That’s always interesting!

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Achoooooooo! Oy!

So Prince Charming and I have finally found a place to live after we get married (as long as nothing falls through…..). How exciting is that? I’ll have to give you a tour of the house one of these days. No more living in a tent! Yey. Ok well that’ll make sense when I say this… Everyone has been asking us where we are going to live once we get married. My last semester of college I moved back home because I was doing my student teaching and it was the same distance drive from mom & dad’s house as it was from my apartment up by the school to where I did my student teaching so I saved money by moving home. I’m not sure my parents expected me to stay though…. I’ll have to ask and get back to you. When Prince Charming moved home from Tuckesee (Kentucky/Tennessee line at Ft. Campbell) last fall, he moved back in with his mom. So I always joked around and said we’d live in a tent in my parents back yard.

We take possession of the house June 1. I don’t want to live out there by myself so Prince Charming is moving out there and then I’ll move in after we’re married. Over the weekend we went shopping for some stuff for the house. It all has receipts so if this falls through it can all go back, but you can’t pass up the deals we found! Anyway that’s besides the point of this post.

So one of the deals is since we aren’t taking possession until June, we still have to go out and mow the yard between now and then so they don’t have to pay someone too. And boy has that been a headache, literally…. I’m so congested today I’m not sure how I’m getting air into my lungs. And I’ve never been congested mowing lawn. It’s weird! Anyway we had all intentions of mowing lawn on Saturday but were told Friday night we did a good job of mowing the lawn. Prince Charming and I looked at each other and then said, um… wasn’t us. We planned on doing that tomorrow. Well since we were told that we got busy on Saturday and dumb us assumed it was done. Sunday we headed out there and realized the lawn in deed had not been mowed. We looked at each other with the same oh crap look and started plotting how we were going to get out there to get it done.

Well Monday is Dancing with the Stars and I’d rather watch the show than the results anyway so we decided to head out last night (Tuesday) to mow lawn. My parents said we could use their lawn mower too so we could tag team it and my mom volunteered to come out and help us weed eat so we were going to put both lawn mowers up on my dad’s flatbed trailer but that backfired too. My uncle had it loaded down with scrap metal so…. my dad loaded their mower up in the bed of his truck and Prince Charming loaded ours up in his and we headed to the house.

Have I mentioned he and I both have the best parents in the world???? Well we do!!!!!!! His dad and my mom used weed eaters and he and I tag teamed on the mowing. We got it done in about 2 1/2 hrs.

We’ve got a BEAR!!!!!

Ok so technically he is a Australian Shepherd named Bear but he’s huge. The guy we got him from told us he could eat us out of house and home if we let him.

So the story b/c as with me, there’s always a story :). My dad sent me a link one day at work off Craig’s List about this Australian Shepherd dog that someone in my hometown was giving away. I made the comment boy I want an Aussie. Dad was like well geez, why didn’t you say something. (This was Thursday last week). So Friday Prince Charming goes searching for the ad for this Aussie and found it and sent it to me. So he tried calling the phone numbers (cell & home) all day with no response. Prince Charming was afraid they’d already given him away but it was worth a shot. A little after 5 the owner called back. Turns out they still had the dog and the guy just lived around the corner from where I do (actually just across the hwy). So he gave us directions and we headed over there. The funny part, this guy works at the same company we do.


Him and me, me and him

We just fit together like peas in a pod! He’s great! I said I’d post some photos from Kentucky and wow, I’m finally getting to it, and the sad thing, I got Dallas pictures up rather fast and that was the weekend after Kentucky. Prince Charming’s friend, Greg, was getting so tickled at me but Prince Charming is just used to it. Me, I was sitting there while they were talking, playing with the settings on my camera. I just used Prince Charming as my model and he sat there talking to Tim & Greg. Greg asked me what the heck I was doing and Prince Charming said, Oh probably playing. Greg was like doesn’t that bother you and I looked at Greg and told him that Prince Charming is fairly used to it! It happens a lot!

He’ll usually smile at me for a few 🙂

Now he’s concentrating!

About now is when Greg is giving him/me fits

I’m not sure anything in this photo is completely in focus….

Don’t let him fool you, he knows what I’m doing 🙂

hm mmm….something caught his eye on his computer screen